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Margaret W. Wong'an; Associates is the award-winning immigration law office. He is the head of an immigration corporation with more than 100 years of experience. Since 1978, we have represented thousands of employers and individuals worldwide. Dell will tailor the solution to your specific immigration needs. We will fight for the best results with an innovative strategy. Lead your customers with complex immigration methods that require thorough, rapid, and expert attention.

Established in 1978


When you leave or enter a new country, it becomes difficult to go through legal procedures. Let's become immigration lawyers and turn our back on you. Contact us now. Permanent Residency/Green Card non-immigrant visa immigration visa EB-5 Immigration Investors Visas deport Delete Exclude working visa labor certification exile employment license foreign crime DACA Application 601A exemption BIA lawsuit federal action citizenship and naturalization

A Hong Kong-born prized immigration lawyer is Margaret W. Wong & LLC, ASSOCIATES, LLC, and offices in nine cities (Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York, Rowley, etc.), the founder and management partner of Margaret W. The Wong is celebrating its 40th anniversary of immigration and law enforcement, and has been operating the law for the first time in 50 years. ... Her companions are "Leading Alsywer," It was named. " Super Lawyer, " Distinction held at the top 5% of lawyers. She is also "Best Best Best Best In America" It is registered as one of the. Then, he was appointed as an honorary professor at Chinese People's University, China's top law school.

From her experience as an immigrant, Margaret Wong had a qualities worth praise from Americans.

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